Customer Testimonials

"Having received an email from JM Internet offering me a domain name I was sceptical initially and almost deleted it. After some further investigation I realised that this was a real deal and a bargain I could not miss out on. JM Internet where very efficient and within 2 hours I owned the domain name and started benefiting. I highly recommend them."
Paul Winter

"JM Internet transferred the domain before we paid them, so whilst on the face of it it's strange to receive an unsolicited email, in the end they trusted us more than we had to trust them. Everything went through very quickly very smoothly."
Nick Hixon
Hixsons Limited

"I received an email from JM Internet asking if I wished to purchase a domain which suits our business very well. I followed the process in the email and the domain was paid for and transferred into our name within the hour. Communication from Julian at JM Internet was prompt and helpful and I would be happy to deal with him again."
Ben Backhouse CFO
Backhouse Solicitors Ltd

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